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Monarch Properties, Inc. MANAGEMENT

Monarch Properties, Inc. is a private Texas Corporation, chartered in 1982, and is involved with the ownership and management of multi-family apartment communities throughout New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, both conventional and affordable.  The corporate office is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The combined total apartment units under management has consistently averaged more than 8,500 units.


The expertise of the employees of Monarch is extremely varied.  It includes all aspects of conventional marketing and management as well as the management of affordable housing properties.  From garden units mid-rise/high-rise properties, our personnel are capable of tailoring a management plan and program to suit your needs.  

Our key people are certified in a variety of management programs including RAM (Registered Apartment Manager) as sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)  COS (Certified Occupancy Specialist) designations, NCP (National Compliance Professional) having fulfilled all of the necessary requirements to manage the low income housing program (Tax Credits). NAHP (National Assisted Housing Professional presented by the National Association of Assisted Housing Management Agents, as well as the CPM (Certified Property Manager sponsored by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).  

The size and diversity of Monarch's portfolio demonstrates the Company's ability to deal with all types of multifamily housing including conventional, affordable, elderly and family.


The Company combines the use of several main ingredients in obtaining long range, professional results in property management.  Some noteworthy practices include:

  • Close supervision of site personnel and frequent property inspections

  • Use of extensive operating manuals of policies & procedures 

  • State of the art accounting and maintenance programs 

  • Frequent Company wide training seminars

  • Scheduled preventive maintenance

  • Long range Capital Replacement Plans

These practices form the foundation of Monarch's management philosophy, which combined with the pride and experience of its staff, result in meeting the objectives of the Owner.

MONARCH Corporate

Monarch is under the general direction of John E. Autry, President, Director and one of the owners of Monarch Properties, Inc.  Monarch is a full service office, performing all phases of residential property management including accounting.  Monarch is overseen by Jack MacGillivray, CPM, Vice President and one of the owners of Monarch Properties, Inc.  Monarch is primarily involved in managing all types of multi-family residential including conventional and affordable housing programs including HUD, USDA-Rural Development, and New Mexico's premier Federal Low Income Tax Credit management company.  


Monarch Properties, Inc. is a member of the following trade organizations:  

  • Texas Apartment Association

  • Apartment Association of Greater Dallas

  • National Apartment Association

  • National Affordable Housing Management Association

  • Southwest Affordable Housing Management Association- North Texas (SWAHMA)

  • Louisiana Assisted Housing Management Association (LAHMA)

  • Assisted Housing Management Association - East Texas (AHMA-ET)

  • Association of HUD Managing Agents - Oklahoma - (OK-AHMA)

  • Apartment Association of Greater Houston

  • Apartment Association of Albuquerque

  • Apartment Association of San Antonio

  • Apartment Association of Kansas City

  • Apartment Association of Atlanta

  • Other Local Apartment Associations on a Community Basis

Positions Held within the Trade Organizations:

  • John Autry, President of Monarch Properties is past President of NAHMA, and is past President of the local AHMA-NT Chapter. He also served as a Director on the Texas SWAHMA Board.

  • Jack MacGillivray, Vice President is in charge of Monarch Properties and has served as President of the Albuquerque IREM Chapter.


Monarch is incorporated in the State of Texas and holds Texas Broker's License No. 0415513 and New Mexico License No. 7850C.  We also hold a brokers license in several other states and are members of similar trade organizations in those areas.  




1720 Louisiana Blvd. NE, Suite 402
Albuquerque, NM 87110
505-265-2995 fax
New Mexico TTY: 800-659-8331
New Mexico Voice: 800-659-1779 or "711"

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